After our mother’s passing, we have reflected on our parents’ years in ministry. We knew that there was quite a treasure trove of resources that they both developed that was sitting in storage. There are boxes full of our dad’s sermons, recorded video and audio media, books that they authored and lot’s of family pictures. We all felt it would be a shame to let it all gather dust and not make it fully available to anyone who would be blessed by it. And so this legacy website is here for all of us to remember and continue to receive from their efforts even after their passing.

We were all preachers’ kids and when you are growing up you don’t really understand how different that can be.   My parents expected us to be extra special I think in many ways that we didn’t fully comprehend until we got to be older. We all wanted to please our parents and to us that meant you had to be the same person everyday of the week not just Sundays in church.

My siblings and I didn’t understand all the reasons why our parents were so distracted and focused on the things of God all of the time. As we have gotten older and raised our own families we have grown to respect the lives our parents have lived.

For many years before my mother died in 2015 she had wanted somehow to create a website to preserve the legacy of our family. So this website is a work in progress and will be updated frequently in the days moving forward. So stop back from time to time for updates. Dad and Mom were special people that need to be remembered. Our hope is that this website will be a tribute to the pillars of faith that my parents were for the kingdom of God.

We miss them both, and if you knew them, likely you miss them too. But we can all receive benefit from the trails that they’ve blazed even after their passing. We all hope that you find something special every time you visit.

All glory be to God!

— The Bixler Family